Oscar Bakker: freelance frontend developer

Located in Amsterdam

What I do

Freelance developer

Mostly on site but sometimes from home or the hackersandfounders building. I can work in a team, with other frontend developers or with backend developers. Although I'm interested a lot in new web technologies, I appreciate the stable ones just as much.


I founded a small company, Checkmythesis, for proofreading academical papers. Learned a lot from it as well. Trade-offs between choosing the 'hottest' technologies and getting the job done. Using php for an e-commerce system instead of building your own solution in NodeJS. For a new project I am involved in, I'm using flask so we have an admin completed in under two weeks. The same principle applies.



As a frontend developer I am embracing new technologies in the Javascript ecosystem. React is currently my weapon of choice. Other libraries I work with: React(Native), jQuery, AngularJs, MobX, GreenSock, D3, Velocity.js, Redux, Jest, Mocha, Cypress, Selenium and others.


Learned programming with php but later came ruby, javascript and python. While I am using javascript professionally, for some other projects I use whatever suits best. For a webservice I rather use something that has been stable for years, like flask, with a rich and stable ecosystem. On top of that I am convinced that knowing a couple of languages helps to understand them individually. Some new features in es99 may have been common for years in another language, like generators in python. Knowing how to use them in some other language helps a lot.


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I make things with love a keyboard in Amsterdam.